Naomi’s Story


Imagine being 5million months pregnant with your third child and deciding to train for a triathlon. And not just any triathlon, a half ironman. You’ve got a fire in your belly that has nothing to do with pregnancy heartburn and you can think of nothing else other than that euphoria of crossing the finish line. Can you imagine it? No? Crazy hey!?


It’s this kind of ridiculous determination that saw Naomi Wood set her heart on completing a half ironman. She had three kids under three and eight months to do it but her grit and determination outweighed even her biggest doubts…..most of the time. It was in those moments of thinking “What the hell am I doing??” that she reached out for support from other Mums in the same insane juggling act situation and found any kind of community to be few and far between. Where were the other Mums out there? The ones getting up at 5am to get a run in before the kids woke up? Who were still breastfeeding and questioning race nutrition? What about the ladies worried about their bodies in racing bathers? Or Mums juggling work/kids/family/life and training with not enough hours in the day?


Naomi couldn’t find a community, so she created one. Born from strength, determination and the strongest desire to build a comforting and supportive hub for Mums that want to strive to achieve great things, IRONMUMS ​combines understanding of a Mum’s unique needs with a sisterhood that only women can create.


Naomi herself has Ironman training in her blood. She’s 100% grit and determination and will be the first to tell you training for any distance comes down to how badly you want it. Since training for that first Ironman just 8 months after having her third child, she has raced five IRONMAN events and ten 70.3 events. She has also competed in numerous other events from duathlons, sprints to Olympic distances.

To bring another level of support to the IRONMUMS community, Naomi completed her level 1 Triathlon coaching qualifications in 2016 and coaches triathletes from Newbies to Ironman Distance. Second to crossing the finish line herself is the feeling when one of her athletes smashes their own goals and finishes their dream race.

When she’s not mastering the juggle between training, family and work, Naomi nourishes little minds as a kindergarten teacher and lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne with her husband, Cameron, and their three beautiful children, Dallas, Scarlett-May and Matilda.



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