How To Stop Goggles Fogging Up

We asked our Facebook group community their best tips for stopping their goggles from fogging up. IRONMUMS top three tips to prevent goggle fog are:

  1. Spit

  2. Baby shampoo

  3. Hand soap

The most popular tip was one that we all learned from our own mums – spit on the lenses to stop them from fogging up.

One IRONMUM reported, “Mine were fogging up at the start yesterday. One spit later and they were fine.” But if that doesn’t appeal to you, or you’ve tried it in the past and found that it didn’t work as well as you’d like, we’ve got some other suggestions for you to try.

The second most popular answer from our IRONMUMS was baby shampoo – finally a good use for all those little bottles you were given at your baby shower and have been cluttering up the bathroom cupboard ever since! Add a smear of baby shampoo followed by a quick rinse, and your goggles should be crystal clear.

Hand soap was a similar recommendation – one tip is to use hand soap after your swim and leave to dry, although another IRONMUM prefers to use hand soap and then rinse after which means you can use your goggles straight away (perfect for those who don’t have time to wait). There was also one suggestion of dishwashing liquid - just make sure you rinse well.

If you’d like something ready made for goggles to keep on hand, then the Zoggs Fogbuster Lens Cleaner comes recommended from our IRONMUMS. A 10mL bottle from Rebel Sport costs $9.99 (and yes, you can shop online. If you find a better price let us know).

For specific goggles that won’t fog up, our community suggested:

  • Vorgee’s Pearl goggles which advertise a Super Anti-fog coating. The IRONMUM who uses this goggles says to keep them fog free “don’t touch the inside and rinse in clear water after each use”. Vorgee are an Australian owned and managed company. We’ve found the Pearl goggles online at Swimwear Shack for $43.95 although they’re currently on sale for $34.95.

  • Aqua Sphere goggles – Our IRONMUM who uses these says, “Don’t touch the lens until they are getting old, and then just spit” – Aqua Sphere goggles can be bought from the Aqua Sphere Swim Store and prices vary from $20.00 to $54.99.

There you go, a fine list of tips you can try out to stop those goggles from fogging up!

If there's a tip we have left out please let us know in the comments below as there's nothing worse than not being able to see straight half-way through a swim.

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