Challenge Shepparton 70.3 Race Report

Today I successfully completed my first triathlon (70.3). I had four goals:

  1. Don't be the last out of the water ✔

  2. Don't fall off the bike or get a flat ✔

  3. Make the finish line ✔

  4. Set a pb ✔ 😜

Thank you to all you amazing IRONMUMS for your advice and support!! For my full race report, READ ON!


Arrived to check the bike in on Saturday afternoon, sun was shining and there was a strong breeze (made a mental note that there would be no wind tomorrow so all good – Oh how wrong I was). Saw the famous Jody had a quick chat and then checked in the bike.

Walked over to the lake to check out the that looks a long way. But I took confidence that I have completed the distance in the pool a few times and hoped that without having to turn at the end of every 25 meters it may be easier.

Caught up with the lovely IRONMUM Naomi Wood and watched her kids take off in the kids Tri.


Sunday morning I woke up at 4:15am to leave at 4:45, arrived with enough time to setup in transition and pump up tires. Put the wetsuit on in the club tent (WSTC) and then moved over to the start line. The start line was busy but in no time at all we were off. The water was very muddy at the start with reeds around my feet. It was a M shaped course and at the first buoy there was a bit of a people crush but a couple of strokes and I was out of it. The next buoy seemed to take forever. Next buoy appeared quicker and seemed to have a current around it but I think it was just from the people. The final straight home and the water was crystal clear so I could see the reeds that had been going across my face, hands and arms sporadically during the swim.

Ran into T1 and took off the wetsuit, I have blisters from recent runs so took the time to tape them up before jumping on the bike.

Set off on the bike and yelled out to Jody who was not too far down the road. So great to see a friendly face out there. (Thanks Jody). Half way through the first lap the wind picked up and it started raining. Passed lots of riders and was feeling strong. Turned around in town and started to back out for my second lap when my right contact decided to fly out of my eye. All good have a spare. Wind now was quite strong and every time I tried to put the new one in my eye the wind blew it over on my finger. After 8 minutes of trying a guy comes along and I ask him to act as a wind break. He unzips his jacket for me and I hide from the wind at his chest with his coat wrapped around me and successfully put the contact in. Had a laugh with him and headed back out to pass the same people again, 10 minutes lost but I’m not stressed by it. The wind had picked up to a point where I wasn’t comfortable to get on the tri bars and all I could think of was “Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain” but the only thing sweeping was the bikes getting pushed sideways across the road and the only sweet part was that I was headed back into town.

Crossed the dismount line and spotted my kids, after years of doing running events this is the first they have attended. I waited for them to run over to me for a quick chat and kiss then off to T2. I was soaking from head to toe, but I had put my towel over my runners before leaving T1 and they and the socks where dry. I can’t tell you how good it felt to have dry warm socks on. Off on the run.

Three laps on a lovely bush path. Vollies were wonderful and still smiling despite standing out in the rain and wind for hours on end. Tried to thank them all and make them laugh as I ran past. Finally my final lap, now people were thin on the ground and a few people walking. Spotted a person in front of me that was in my age group and set out to catch her. Caught her and as I came up to the final 200 meters, collected my daughter as I promised she could run over the line with me. We ran across the finish line together and the vollie put the medal around her neck. She then turned to me and said… “Mum where’s your medal?”… I suppose I have to do next year’s race to get my medal!


THANK YOU Kristy for sharing this wonderful race report with the IRONMUMS community!

We look forward to reading your next one!

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