IRONMAN Busselton Race Report

*****warning long report with colourful words.*****

Yesterday was IRONMAN number 12 for this #oldmole

What a day, conditions looked great, and after a winter of training in shitty cold Melbourne with bloody magpies I was looking forward to some sun.


The plan was to race smart, do my thing, not get sucked into other people's race. My goal was a sub 13 my coach said aim for 13 30.( we'll see about that!) SWIM

Warm up swim to calm the nerves after multiple nervous poos, and then we were off. I love a mass start, washing machine and you get pulled along, around the Jetty and the chop picked up and you were punching to get through. Felt like it took forever to hit the sore, but then finally I was on dry land. Transition was 400 mts up the beach and over a ramp, whoever thought that was a good idea was a dickhead! BIKE Into the bike and I started race nutrition straight away, rice malt syrup worked a treat, the plan to keep cadence at no lower than 75 and watts at 100. I rode the first 100 km in 3 and a half hrs, pretty quick for me. The next 80 remained unchanged. Smiled and waved at my hubby, and fucking glad to be off the bike in under 6.30. RUN On the beast of a run. Once again plan to not go hard it a bloody long way, smiled at people, chatted to fellow runners, and keep my pace. The support on course was fantastic drunk loonies everywhere, love it. Jody Louise Gilchrist keeping me in check and messages from the coach via hubby to slow down, relax and enjoy... done! As the sun started to go down, I just wanted to get the job done, Jody asked how I was with 3 km to go... I was fucked! Got to the last turn around and knew I had 1200mts to run, tried to put my foot down and hit the chute. I had no idea of my time because the clock wasn't working, pete Murray didn't call me until I tapped him! Bastard knows better after all these years! Crossed the line got my medal, turned to look at clock... no time! Slowly walked through where my hubby grabbed me and said "You did it sub 13! WTF.. no way, I cried, tears of joy...

POST-RACE THOUGHTS... It's been a tough year with floss not begin stable, with my own self doubt and fear. I can't thank Jody and Chantelle enough for yesterday, you moles were on the bike course and there until I got off, Jody as there for every lap of the run.

This IRONMUMS group rocks, fucking love you all.

MY RESULTS Swim 1hrs 8 mins

Ride 6hrs 28 mins Run 5hrs 3 mins Time 12hrs 58


#RaceRecap #IRONMAN #IRONMANBusselton

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