Ironmum Bound for Kona,

Hi Ironmums!

I just wanted to share with you guys my nervous and scared excitement!!!

I am going to KONA!! I am no way quick, I am no way a pro. I am a slow constant ironman. Constantly slow!!

I love Ironman , I discovered Ironman events in 2015, when I did my first half and then in my second race (Meningie half) I won a slot (no one else in my age group!) to IRONMAN Aus which was in Port for the first time..

My race times range from 12.50 to 15.30 hours. I have now done 15 Ironman races. And that’s how I am going to Kona, through legacy.. There are only 3 Australian women who got a slot this way..

I have started a blog which I will be updating each week about training. How I'm feeling and how bloody scared I will be getting that I will be travelling overseas (for first time) and racing the big dance.

I am a mum of 6 kids (ages range from 4 to 24.), married and run my own fitness business..

I don’t have any miracles in parenting (sometimes I feel like I am failing) or training. I just do my best.

I love the people I meet through this lifestyle and love seeing new people discover Ironman. I encourage anyone to get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

I am not someone that has nature ability, I was not an athletic kid and did no sport growing up. I love that my kids have grown up with these motivated people around them. Although my older kids groan when someone asks me about Ironman.

My blog will be shared on regular Ironmum links. You can check me out at I am a newbie to all this technology so bare with me.

Happy training

Ironmum Nicky

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