The Best Chafe Solutions

That dreaded 5 letter word that can bring the toughest Ironman or Ironmum to their knees in the shower…….

Yep you guessed it..........CHAFE!!!

It’s amazing the places it turns up. I could possibly be mistaken for very bad Cha Cha dancer in the shower that first time. #stingslikeaMF

Most of us have been there. If you have NEVER experienced it, we just can’t possibly be friends. It sucks and stings and, on healing, can crack and bleed and the bastard scars!!! You should see my chest! I look like I’ve been slashed by Freddy Kruger! Why do we put ourselves through this????

Recently I have been on the hunt for the NEVER FAIL chafe solution – tapping foot still waiting…..

I slather my Body Glide on so well that if I slipped on my arse, I’d slide across the floor faster than Tom Cruise in socks and jocks.

*Hot tip – If you use the aerosol stuff, Tri Slide, the tiled bathroom probably isn’t the best place to spray. If you have a husband that waits till the last minute to pee and races in to go and hits it, that’s 100kg sliding (well the name doesn’t lie) and landing and a trip to the emergency department, while just about peeing myself with laughter the whole way. #iwillneverlivethatdown #wassoworthit

One option that was quite popular was avoiding exercise all together – I’m not sure I could convince most of us that this is the best method so we might shelve that for a bit.

A quick poll taken amongst the Ironmums has resulted in two prominent front runners; Tri Slide and Body Glide.

Tri Slide

This stuff claims to be the ONLY anti chafing, anti-friction, anti-blistering product and, as previously mentioned, this stuff is true to name “slide”. Make sure you're on carpet or outside. The benefits are pretty clear, other than amusing me! It’s an aerosol spray so NOTHING has to touch your lady garden (bonus) but sprays are cold! I love this stuff for pulling on a wettie, but you can get it in places unwanted with overzealous spraying.

The Tri Slide website claims anti chafe, prevents blisters (tried that on my feet – not a fan) combats chamois chafing, only removed with soap and water (not off tiles), safe for fabrics, sweat and water proof. Seems pretty good to me if you can deal with the cold spray on your skin, and the possibility of having to bear your bum outside in winter to get your bits.

Body Glide

This one is my go to, but has failed me a few times recently as I have found it sweats off and rubs off on clothes. I slather my chicken wings with it and without doubt I will get a rub there. So I’m open to options!

They have a his and hers – no difference in my opinion except the bigger “his” is better value for money. Hers has vitamins and stuff in it but that’s the last thing I’m thinking of before a training session or race. “Gee I hope my lady garden appreciates these additional vitamins”…. Yeah – no.

Then comes the hygiene – I’d borrow a spray but I would NEVER borrow a Body glide from someone. I know where I have put mine and that’s not for sharing!

Body glide also hurts like a MF if you're putting it on over existing chafe., however if you can deal with the pain, it takes away the dreaded dance in the shower.

Body glide is easier to carry around and more discreet if you need an emergency bathroom stop because you're wearing stockings all day and doing way too much walking – cue chafed thighs. It also wont overspray onto the floor or your clothing.

Skin Strong Australia

Get Slik’d, Slather’d and Dust’d – that’s a cool catch phrase!

I had never heard of this one, so in the name of research, I had a bit of a look.

They have a couple of different products; Slather, a chamois cream, and Slick, a non-aerosol pump spray that prevents chafe.

Slather can also go on over already chafed areas. It is a pop on your hands and apply type one. It doesn’t specify how it washes off so that’s something to consider.

Slick is a small pump spray bottle that is handbag friendly. Pretty much the same as the slather but in a spray – and no cream on your hands.

I’m not too keen on carrying around 2 different products, as I would be sure to lose one and then go into a tailspin race morning (I currently have a body glide on everything that travels with me anywhere);

Sarah Crowley has endorsed it so if it will make me go as fast as her – I'M IN!

Aussie Butt Cream

This product appears to be mostly for cycling and, well, your butt!

It claims to not wear off and is suitable for all types of conditions

This looks like a good go-to for hours of training in the saddle but not an allrounder to cover chafe of the thighs, neck, chicken wings and boobs as it’s a quite thick cream. Just having had a “something about Mary” moment with white cream smeared on my neck at 4am in the morning, I'm now all about appearances.

I have used this on long rides – saved my ass literally on the Ride to Conquer Cancer a few years back but in my opinion, its not a one size fits all.

There were other suggestions that make complete sense. Baby bum cream (think Bepanthen and Sudocream) are not ones I've ever considered but probably awesome for cycling. Zinc and paw paw cream, again for the undercarriage. We all have that stuff lying around the house, who would have thought to combine the two for relief? Someone said Voltaren? Wow! If I could numb the garden for the entire bike leg – there is a GOD (and she must be a triathlete!)

Chafe prevention is a very personal thing. What works for one Ironmum won't necessarily work for another. But there is nothing like getting tips from someone who has been in the situation before. I have 2 personal tips;

1) No undies or togs under a tri suit – chafe will get you if you do.

2) Make sure your bra fits properly – go get it fitted. If it can move when running it can cause problems. I need a good under boob cream as, being a bit bigger, I could strangle my ribcage and they would still move! (hence the scars).

So there you have it! Opinion only and not based on any medical fact other than what I stole from the various websites and my own personal experience.

The race season is upon us ladies so slather yourselves with vengeance!!!!!

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