Family And Training

Training has gone up a notch again. So am currently swinging between fatigue where i can not think, straight to sleeping :)

I have also had kids still coughing and snot sharing as well.

I am very lucky to have a husband that supports me. He has also trained for Ironman so knows the training involved. Although when he trains, as Miss 23 once said,

”Geez Dad when you train, everyone hears about it. When Mum trains, she just does it”.

I think that is, across the board, life in general. I get on with it; don't make much out of it. But when my husband trains, looks after the kids (which is parenting) or work, I hear about it....constantly! I feel guilty with the time I am away. I get up early (4-4.30am) so my sessions do not cut into family time. I think most of us have this in some way. But I also think that if i am doing something i love and enjoy, this makes me a better mum and wife. The struggles are the same I would guess, with most of us. Finding that balance that works. I would say 80% of the time i have it down pat, it's the other 20% that's hard.

The toughest would be the last 4 weeks before a race, as I become quite focused.

But once I cross that finish line, i am back on duty!!!

My husband has been at the finish line and has handed the baby over telling me how hard his day has been :). I have also been known to instruct husband from race about bedtimes etc….

So I am very aware when people say to me, ”I couldn't do that!I have kids!” Hmmmm yes so do I! Or “my kids are only little” Yep did my 9th ironman when baby number 5 was 1 year old. I try not to get offended by this as I think a majority of people don't see how this could be hurtful. When I feel tired and we are in big weeks (like now), I do became mindful and try to just be at home after training. I think everyone has different priorities. My husband and I enjoy the lifestyle and the people we meet with triathlon. The people we meet become family and we love catching up with them.

I think people can be critical of others and their choices, or even compare themselves. This is destructive and negative and consequently, I have tried to surround myself with people that are positive and are encouraging.

I like to be grateful for the ability to be active and able to compete in Ironman.

This post is dedicated to family friends Marg and Arthur. Marg inspires me with her strength and courage. We went up to watch Marg at Foster Ironman which was the last Foster. this was also Margs last Ironman.This was my first time watching an Ironman and it scared the crap out of me. But also excited me. Marg has always encouraged and supported me in my journey into Ironmans. One of those people that just make you feel good. And Arthur was always asking about the kids and telling you some sort of joke..

Sadly Arthur passed away earlier in the year, which has been devastating for Marg, their family and close friends. So this is dedicated to Marg who is one of the strongest women i know.

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