Bumps In The Road To Kona

So I have been missing in action.

I had all good intentions to write every week and share all the ups ad downs. But 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, I was feeling flat and struggled through each session. I could not work out why I was feeling so crappy and I didn't want to write about how bad I was feeling and just thought it would pass. After another weekend of struggling through my long run, I thought I had better go get checked out.....just to make sure.

Was sent straight to get a CT scan - diagnosis kidney stones! Not 1 but 2! Shit shit shit. No wonder I was feeling bloody ordinary!!

To top it off, I had let our private health lapse due to saving for KONA, after having it for a decade and never bloody needing it!!

My local GP made a phone call and I was lucky enough to get on the list for the following Friday, as it was blocking the tube between the kidney to the bladder.

I went straight into surgery Friday after being told Wednesday what it was. The surgery was unsuccessful; they couldn’t get them out and put a stent in and sent me home the next day. I was sick and feeling worse than when i went in there....so now what?? I went back and saw the GP on Monday who advised that I should throw in the towel for KONA and stay home!!

Give up my legacy spot?? Never go to KONA? Without even trying? Ironman are not known to refund or defer spots. I would lose my only chance to experience KONA.

Now don’t get me wrong; I would not go if I was in danger of causing permanent damage to myself or that we will not be covered by insurance. But I am still so disappointed.

So with all these things to consider, I thought that was it, it was all over, but then I spoke to a urologist who said she will go back in and get rid of stones and will sign me off to travel and race. Yes back on!!

So its been a rollercoaster of a week; yes, no, yes ,no, round and round about getting me to KONA. I am trying to stay positive. I have had 5 days with no exercise, but I need to get my head around that it wont make that much difference, that I need to get better and get there healthy.

So here is to fingers, toes and everything crossed that I can get on a plane Tuesday and be ready to race!

I will post when I have more answers.

Happy training..

Ironmum Nicky

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