Kona, Here I Come!

It has been a hell of 10-12 days.

From my first Dr appointment to this point right now, it’s been a roller coaster. Opinions from local Dr to specialist couldn’t have been more different. I was thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to get to Kona after the first operation to get rid of my kidney stones, as my local Dr seemed to think it was to risky to travel. Then I spoke to the urologist. She is a straight talker; a Richmond supporter!! Her attitude was there was no reason that I couldn’t travel or race, so we made a plan, Operation on Thursday (I had to go in as a private patient - bank account went ouch!!) to have the kidney stones removed and then I was to take the stent out myself on Sunday and be right to get on the plane on Tuesday.

The operation went well. Went in under the Tigers club song (at the Dr's request) and woke up feeling much better than after the first operation. Not long after, the Dr came in and said she had gotten all 3 stones out! So I was good to go!

She mentioned that she thought I was mad, but each to there own and it's not like I haven't heard that before. My instructions were to just pull the stent out, with warning that it may leave me feeling a "bit unwell". Just so you guys know, pulling a 30cm stent out of your neither regions leaves you feeling more than a tad unwell; think 20 out of 10 pain rating until I could take Endone, then still not right until the next day. l haven’t trained of any substance for nearly 2 weeks but am going to have to trust my body and the training I have done because I AM GOING TO KONA!!!

So excited and I am going to appreciate the race just that little bit more because of all that’s happened and the final hurdle to get there.

So packing has started, the nerves of travelling overseas have set in and just bloody excited!!


Ironmum Nicky

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