Day One - Kona!

Well we are here!!!!

I feel like an imposter here after not having trained for 2 weeks now due to kidney stones, as soon as you drive into town, fit skinny people everywhere!!! And I mean out in middle-of-the-day heat, training. My first thought? Hmmmm need to get my head back on the right track!

And wasn't I a novice when it came to travelling with the kids!

Night flight. 'Easy', I thought, 'at least, they will just go to sleep'. Kids sleep anywhere right? Except on a friggen plane apparently!! I had Miss 3 doing so may different moves and positions, at times I wasn’t sure which end I had on my lap! Miss 6 fought it to the end! I got to 5 hours in and I just had had enough and told her to shut it down; as politely as I could muster after being the model parent. I just wanted some friggen sleep before I got behind the wheel of a car driving the wrong bloody way in a foreign country!!!!

So my lesson? Day travel is better with kids, if possible.

Next lesson was to have a credit card available with a higher credit limit than usual because when they want a bond on a hire car it’s in US dollars. Took most of the day to sort that one out!

Off to bed now andfocus on getting my mindset right. Swim in the morning, run during the day (1st one back - in the heat!). We'll see how it goes, hopefully the husband has the bike together for a ride the following day.

And yes, it’s hot here!



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