Kona Adventures

My husband and I spent the first two days looking at each other going 'We are here! We are in Kona!!!!' with eyes like kids in a lolly shop, full of excitement and wonder that we actually got here. We have been blessed to have had good people around us that have made this possible, you know who you are and thank you!

I have swam everyday and the water is delightful to swim in. It’s clear and the fish are amazing!

Did my first run since the op and pulled up well. Sweated like a pig when I got back so fluid intake has to be increased due to the kidney stones and recovery.

My first bike…..what a bloody horrendous experience! Getting blown across the road towards traffic, I lasted 15km and rang my husband to pick me up, totally deflated and horrified. But am not the first or last to feel this, I am guessing. I need to get my head around the wind and get on with it.

I have the big swim tomorrow and am looking forward to swimming the course. I have done a lot of Ironmans, but this feels like the first again. Right out of my comfort zone!

The driving on the wrong side has also set some challenges! How big are the bloody cars here?!?

Update soon!

Ironmum NIcky IN Kona!!

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