Introducing Lee!

The Ironmums Ambassador program has had an outstanding response in it's first year, with over 25 amazing women all submitting fantastic applications from all over Australia, and the world!Our gracious leader Nac is a big softie at heart and after a gruelling, tear-jerking weekend, she enlisted the help of the Ironmums Management Committee (IMC) to assist her in the impossible task of selecting the short list from the inspirational women that had taken the time to tell us their story.

Lee has been a “triathlete” now for 4 years. She puts the word in italics deliberately - as even though she has competed many triathlons of varying distances, including that big ol’ beast they call “Ironman”, identifying herself as an athlete of any kind still seems incredulous to her. Like many people Lee sees real triathletes as thin and muscular with perfect teeth and a running style that is decidedly more glamorous than her own. She even still hesitate to call what she dose each day “training”, as in her mind, She's just out there doing what we all love to make sure that she starts each and every day in the best possible way.

Dabbling in swimming at school quickly turned to uni where Lee fulled herself with junk food and $1 pots, this was the way of life. Lee fullfilled her dreams of becoming a police officer but the lifestyle still conituned - a life filled with junk food, beers and mornings filled with hazy hangovers. Fast forward 10 years, a bout of depression and Lee found herself a loving husband and 4 children under 6. To overcome life as a mum Lee turned to getting up at the crack of dawn to find time for herself before the tribe awoke. She started out walking which quickly turned to running and the best start to the day. As the years went on Lee continue to wake in the early mornings but now that she had completed a sprint tri she knew this is what she needed, to change her life in more ways than one.

Lee has completed in many triathlons of the past years from her first sprint right through to Port Mac 140.6 in 2016 and over these years she has changd her mindset:

"Whilst I initially started eating better and exercising to lose weight and look better in photos, I’ve come to realise over the years that the words “thin” and “lean” don’t really mean anything to me any more. The words I value now are “strong”, “gritty” and “badass” because they take every piece of judgment away from how I look and land it squarely in the box of how I feel. I love every finishers medal I’ve received whilst on my journey over the last few years, but the joy they give is tiny compared to the joy I have learned to find in every training session and race, no matter how tough it is.

I love the training. I love the race day nerves. I love standing at the start line knowing that I am going to have a story to tell at the end of the day, and that while I don’t know the exact details of the story yet, I do know that it’s going to be an interesting one! I love the feeling of comradery on course as people of all shapes and sizes and life experiences come together to celebrate what their bodies can do rather than how they look while doing it."

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