Introducing Lindy!

The Ironmums Ambassador program has had an outstanding response in it's first year, with over 25 amazing women all submitting fantastic applications from all over Australia, and the world!

Our gracious leader Nac is a big softie at heart and after a gruelling, tear-jerking weekend, she enlisted the help of the Ironmums Management Committee (IMC) to assist her in the impossible task of selecting the short list from the inspirational women that had taken the time to tell us their story.

3 Ironmums have been chosen and this, illustrious Ironmums, is Melinda Evans.......

Melinda gave all of the IMC goosebumps with her deep, heartfelt blog submission. A deeply loved Mum and wife from QLD, Melinda (or Lindy as she prefers) comes from a sporting family background and a lifetime of feeling 'unwanted'. Growing up in her sister's super sportstar shadow, Lindy was the self confessed "pudgy, Ventolin-wielding breathless cheerleader", desperate to be as good as her sister and make her Mum proud.

But it wasn't always going to be about cheering on the sidelines for Lindy. At 22, even after a torn ACL and uni-student-life weight gain, her stubborn streak and an insane urge to run like the wind saw her lose 30kgs, get a few halves and marathons under her belt and pick herself up a fella who introduced her to the world of triathlon.

But like so many of us can relate to, babies came along and the training declined. In order to shake up her post-baby feelings of invisibility, she decided to plan a new goal; an ultra! And despite succumbing to the "great virus plague of 2017", she completed the Ultra, despite her longed for finish line cheerleaders (hubby and kids) being at home, rugged up with the flu. But now, she wants more.

She is desperate to get into triathlon again. promising Nac she will train her saddlebags off and find herself again.

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