Ironmums Membership Program

Hold on to your swim caps ladies, the IRONMUMS Membership Program is here and by golly, its AWESOME!!!

As the IRONMUMS community continues to grow rapidly, many associated businesses have jumped on board to partner with us to bring you amazing discounts and benefits as part of our brand new membership program, exclusively for IRONMUMS members.

The aim of the program is to bring savings and benefits to our fabulous members on a wide range of products across the triathlon spectrum. From race gear to inspirational jewellery, nutrition consultation to comfy undies, IRONMUMS have sought out the very best Australian suppliers and manufacturers to save you hundreds of dollars per year and give you the best edge when it comes to training and racing.

The discount codes, giveaways and programs are exclusive to the IRONMUMS Membership Program and are only available to paying members. This list is continuously being updated with new partners and their offered benefits, which will be available to the paying member for the calendar year in which their membership is valid.

Your Membership Package Includes:

* Exclusive discount codes from the following partners:

SHOTZ SPORTS NUTRITION - 10% discount online

SILVERHOPE JEWELLERY - 10% discount online

FUEL FOOD AUSTRALIA - 25% off initial consult fee and ongoing advice package

SPORTITUDE - 10% discount online

SKIN STRONG AUSTRALIA - 15% discount online

GLIMMER GEAR AUSTRALIA - 15% discount on everything in store excluding clearnace stock, spoil packs, gift vouchers ID/ICE and Motivations)

RUNDIES - 20% discount online

SUFFERFEST - 15% discount on race entries

CATFISH DESIGNS - 10% discount online

* Access to all new discount codes for gear, services and benefits as they become available.

* Immediate entry into all IRONMUMS giveaways and competitions run throughout the calendar year.

* Discounted IRONMUMS racing gear and merchandise.

* IRONMUMS 'surprise' package delivered to your door. (Valued at $30)

* Access to a range of basic training plans for triathlon (Valued at $200)

* Bragging rights to all your friends and family that you are in the coolest club in town! (Priceless!)


So how do you activate the best membership you'll ever have?

Simply touch base with Naomi (aka Nac) at,au. Once you have paid your membership, the vault is open to you. Our upcoming website will contain all the downloadable training plans, discount codes and access to all the other goodies you will receive from being a member of the IRONMUMS Membership Program.

Some terms and conditions apply - see below.

IRONMUMS is all about making training and racing accessible and fun for the ordinary mum. We believe this program brings the very best services to our members to ensure training and racing stays fun, safe and affordable for everyone.

Should you know of a fantastic brand, race or business that you think can offer IRONMUMS a great deal, please let us know on and we will endeavour to get them on board.

Basic Outline of the Ts&Cs

Discounts cannot be claimed on items already purchased or races already entered.

Memberships run for one calendar year, from January to December.

Discount codes MUST NOT be shared with family and friends. Regular checks with our partner companies will be carried out and those found sharing codes will be removed form the program with no refund issued. Keep it cool - don't share your codes.

More detailed terms and conditions will be outlined in the complete membership program package.

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