IRONMUMS are extremely proud to be partnering with Australian companies that offer premium customer service and high quality athlete apparel.

With a love for all things sport and a desire to capture the needs of active Australians in a pair of undies, Rundies boast incredible underwear specifically designed for sports people.

Born from a thread-bare pair of favourite running undies on their last legs, Rundies co-founder Jessica Trengove recognised a need for soft, comfortable undies that barely showed a panty line and lasted the distance whilst training for the Melbourne Marathon. Throwing ideas around with fellow runner Dylan Stenson and sports nut Jack Trengove, the idea for custom designed sports undies was born.

Tested on real runners of all shapes and sizes, Rundies are made from natural bamboo fibre, boasting light and silky textures, superior breathability and really cool hydroscopic properties (ability to absorb more water than conventional fibres). Bamboo is also incredibly sustainable, ticking the box for environmental awareness and availability.

Rundies are also: Antibacterial (3 times more effective than cotton), anti-static (12 times more effective than cotton) and their deodorisation (smell factor) is 30% improved in comparison with cotton. Pretty cool for a pair of knickers!

Rundies offer a highly superior, practical product for an amazing price both online and in retail outlets across Australia and have offered IRONMUMS a further bargain with their exclusive discount code, available through our membership package.

For more information, contact Nac at and get your butt covered by the best!

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