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IRONMUMS are extremely proud to be partnering with Australian companies that offer premium customer service and high quality athlete apparel and no training partnership would be complete without Shots Sports Nutrition!

Hands down one of the most popular sports nutrition products in Australia, Shotz Sports Nutrition gels, tablets and bars are gentle on the stomach and are low sensory impact. Having started in the market in 1995 as Carboshotz, the three semi-fluid liquid-gel flavours of banana, cola and lemon lime were popular right from their conception as portable options for racing nutrition. After years of trial and error with their sports drinks, their electrolyte tablet was introduced in 2005 and impressed with it's ability to cater for the individual needs of every athlete. Shotz has gone from strength to strength, establishing themselves as a household name for hydration and refuelling options whilst training and racing.

The Shotz Sports Nutrition range now stocks 8 flavours of energy gel, 3 flavours of electrolyte tablet, 4 flavours of energy bar and an amazing choc caramel protein bar.

Shotz Sports Nutrition prides itself on the time and effort that has gone into the development of their products, their well-respected brand and their unparalleled level of customer care. IRONMUMS is proud to offer it's members an exclusive discount with Shotz Sports Nutrition to fuel your training and racing goals.

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