When I saw an Application for Ironmums Ambassador pop up on my Facebook feed, I instantly tagged one of my running mum friends. I thought she’d make a great ambassador! We’d gone together to see Turia Pitt speak live a few months earlier & we had decided that we would set a big scary goal & complete a 70.3 Ironman together in 2018.

Over the next few days the Facebook post kept popping up in my newsfeed. After a while and I read and re-read the application post. A little voice in my head said…hmmm, maybe you could apply B. Your dream is to do an Ironman 70.3, so why don’t you apply. You can’t win it if you’re not in it!!

So, I sat down at my computer after my family had left for the day and started typing whatever came into my head. It took me hours of writing & re-writing, deleting and switching things around. I’d type a bit, leave it & comeback to it later. It’s an interesting process, looking back over the past 42 years of your life & having to write it out in a couple of pages. Other mums who don’t know me are going to read this application and decide whether I would fit what they were looking for.

When I had finished my application, I hesitated. The nerves started flowing. Should I send it in? Maybe I’ll just delete it. Why would they pick me, I’m not a very interesting person & I’ve only completed a few triathlons many years ago before the kids were born. I’m just a Mum who wants to get back into triathlon. I pondered over my application for a few days before I finally decided to email it through.

Over the next couple of days, I almost emailed Naomi & withdrew my application. I’m not sure why, but I decided that I’d applied so I had to follow through to the end. Why did I think about withdrawing it?? I’ve always been a shy person. I will try & blend in & be invisible whenever I can. I kept thinking if I win this ambassadorship, then I’d be visible & I’d be way outside my comfort zone. But that’s exactly what I needed to do. I needed to get uncomfortable & follow through with this massive dream I had & find out who I really am & what I was really made of. This was the perfect opportunity to find that out.

When I received a message from Naomi asking for my phone number I was puzzled. Why would she want my number? Is she ringing to tell me I didn’t get it or was she ringing to ask me some questions about my application? I couldn’t sleep. I tossed & turned all night with question after question running through my head.

Naomi rang me the next day to congratulate me on making the top 3 mums for the ambassadorship. Wow!!! Really?? Are you serious? At first, I thought she must be joking. Was this a prank? It couldn’t be because I didn’t tell anyone else I had applied. When she rang I felt horrible, I was sick with a virus. I couldn’t even muster up the energy to sound excited. But I was excited!! So excited I was in shock.

The next few days were torture, I was so nervous. I really wanted to win the ambassadorship, but I told myself that if I didn’t get it then I would make a promise to myself to still go through with my dream of training for & finishing the 70.3. I decided that I would get Naomi to coach me regardless of the outcome. If I wasn’t successful in becoming an ambassador I was going to achieve this goal regardless.

Cooking dinner a few nights later I turned to my hubby & said, “OMG..I wish Naomi would just ring & put me out of my misery”. Within about 5 minutes my phone rang & it was Naomi. I had trouble holding the phone I was shaking so much & I don’t remember much of the conversation we that we had.

I still can’t believe that Naomi & her team picked me. It’s still a little surreal. I still pinch myself & think how lucky I am to be one of the first Ironmums Ambassadors. Even though I have only been one for 2 weeks, I am loving every minute. I look forward to my training days and can’t wait to get up each morning & get it done.

I’m learning so much already, but I know it’s only just the beginning & that I have so much more to learn & experience on my journey over the next 12 months. I hope to encourage & inspire as many mums as possible to promote this amazing community & sport (or 3 sports combined) that we all love so much. I’m honoured and excited to be part of such an amazing group of women & I look forward to meeting, training & competing with you all.

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