Xtreme Carbon

IRONMUMS are extremely proud to be partnering with Australian companies that offer premium customer service and high quality services for everyday athletes.

Xtreme Carbon based in Sydney Australia, knows that triathletes and time trialists have specific requirements when it comes to triathlon wheels. That’s why our carbon wheels have been designed to provide the greatest aerodynamic advantage on the market. Xtreme Carbon is the front-runner of wheel and component innovation, our unique AERO hub and axle design is the first of its kind. Designed with a centreline to centreline flange distance of 33mm, a significant reduction when compared to the 80mm of a conventional wheel. And the result? Lightweight, incredibly fast wheels that deliver the ultimate performance boost.

Xtreme Carbon offer a exclusive range of carbon wheels for purchase and hire through an online store.

Xtrema Carbon have joined with IRONMUMS to offer our members an extremely competitive discount for all wheels.

For more information on our membership package, contact Coach Nac at info@ironmums.com.au or head over to the IRONMUMS shop to get your hands on The Xtreme Carbon discount codes, as well as a heap of other awesome businesses striving to help us all smash our training goals.

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