Did Lee and Belinda excite you with their past 12mths of being the first IRONMUM ambassadors? Well now its your turn.

It’s the second year of the IRONMUMS Ambassador program, and we’re searching the country for our next representative! Are you a mum that is dedicated to her training? Have you found success and satisfaction cycling, running or swimming? You could be looking to ramp up your training and enter the world of triathlon competition, or you could be a beginner taking her first steps along the path of mumhood with a passion for our sport, either way, IRONMUMS is here to share the journey with you. IRONMUMS is proud of our flagship Ambassador program designed to empower and inspire Australian mothers to reach for the sky and realise the potential that sits within all women.

So what does it take to make the cut? At IRONMUMS, we recognise the challenges that are faced by mothers; juggling work, family demands and running the house is enough to keep anyone flat-out - fitting in a social life and time to reach your fitness goals is just another piece of the puzzle. The struggle of achieving what you want amongst the craziness that is being a mother is part of the spirit that our IRONMUM Ambassador embodies - it is a cry to those qualities of dedication and self motivation that define motherhood. Authenticity and openness are integral to our community - you must be willing to share your experiences, tips and trials to help inspire members of the IRONMUMS community. Take this opportunity to represent mums across the world - and show the country and the world the power of an IRONMUM!

What does the IRONMUMS Ambassador program offer for potential candidates? Well, we’ve teamed up with a large range of experts and suppliers to create an amazing package that is sure to transform your path to acheive your goals. We’re with our IRONMUM Ambassadors every step of the way - and like any great journey, all you have to do is take the first step!

Ambassador Requirements:

● Please note that the IRONMUMS Ambassador role is a 12 month commitment. As you will be representing the IRONMUMS community, a contract will be provided with stipulations to guarantee your commitment.

● You must be able to commit to a 12 month training program, it will be strenuous, but oh so worth it! We will provide the first 3 months free, and the remainder at a substantially discounted rate.

● You must maintain commitment, conviction, dedication and drive to your training program, and give it your all to achieve your vision. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

● Consideration for the role depends on commitment to 5 training sessions per week (skilfully provided by Coach Nac), and you must have a end goal race organised for no later than June 2019. Don’t worry, you can participate in any events prior to this, and the goal race can be anywhere up to and including a 70.3 triathlon.

● An active social media platform is necessary, you will be required to post relevant content twice a week to the IRONMUMS page on Facebook, and post on Instagram via repost.

● We require a minimum of one blog post to be published under your name on the IRONMUMS website. Please note that this piece will become the intellectual property

of IRONMUMS, though we won’t publish it on any third party sites without prior consent.

● You must be acceptive of being an IRONMUMS Brand Ambassador, and wear IRONMUMS branded merchandise at races and events - and remember there will be plenty of pictures taken for your social media posts and race recaps!

That’s all of the requirements out of the way, you might be asking yourself... What’s in it for me?

The IRONMUMS Ambassador Will Receive:

● Comprehensive triathlon training program provided by Coach Naomi (a fully qualified Level 1 Triathlon Coach). This is inclusive of a customised program tailored to your needs with unlimited changes.

● One-on-one unlimited support via email, text, or Skype.

● Access to Final Surge.

● Free IRONMUMS merchandise

● A discounted IRONMUMS tri suit.

Plus more...….

So how do I apply? Simply share your story with IRONMUMS with the submission of a blog post via email sent to Include any information you find interesting and relevant to your journey, as well as links to any social media accounts featuring parts of, or all of, your continuing journey in triathlon competition.

Please note that this submission will be evaluated for suitability to be published on our website (basic spelling, grammar, correct race names etc) however this is not a creative writing forum so some leniency will apply :)

Applications close 4th August at 5pm

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