What to include in your transition kit for your first triathlon?

IRONMUMS ambassador Tania follows on from her last blog and fills in newbies to triathlon what she packs for a triathlon.

When starting out in the sport of triathlons, there’s sometimes the pressure/thought you need all the gear (bells and whistles) to participate.

For my first triathlon I researched multiple websites to get an idea of what I needed in my “kit” for transition.

I came across checklists with multiple items for each leg and I remember thinking to myself how much is this going to cost?

From my first enticer triathlon to my experience with a sprint distance tri, below are my must haves for a transition/race kit:



Swimmers or tri suit (If you don’t have swimmers or a tri suit, you can build an outfit including running shorts/bike pants/singlet/sports bra)

Swimming cap




Singlet / Shirt


Bike (I used my mountain bike for my first two tri’s)

Drink bottle with electrolytes

Gels / small snacks for the bike leg




Transition Tips – A bright coloured towel (to put your gear on and keep it clean), baby powder (it’s a good idea to put a light dusting of baby powder into your shoes prior to the start of the tri. It helps pulls the moisture out of your wet feet/shoes), socks, body glide (an anti -chafe prevention product), jelly beans, a spare drink bottle (with water) to wash off your feet (particularly helpful if you’ve done an open water swim), drink bottle with water/electrolytes.

My transition area at the enticer event

My transition area at the sprint distance tri

Post-Race Kit:

After I finish my race, I always take off my shoes and socks and put my thongs on to wind down. I also pack an extra drink bottle or two (one for while I’m winding down) and one for my drive home from the event. I also include in my post-race kit a shirt to put over my tri suit, a jumper depending on the Melbourne weather 😊, a small snack (typically a banana or apple) and my phone to take some celebrative pictures.

As you do more tri’s you will become familiar with what items are your must haves for your race kit.

At the end of the day it is important to remember finish lines, not finish times, have fun and enjoy the experience.

Is there something else that you would never race without?? Let us know.

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