IRONMUMS supporters say the darnedest things!

Picture it – it’s the end of your big race, the one you’ve been training for months for. The finish line is coming up. Your family is waiting, and you’re so excited to see them. You cross the finish line and they say… WHAT?....

We asked our IRONMUMS community what the most memorable/strangest/funniest thing they’ve heard at the finish line, and our families didn’t disappoint with their responses.

We’ve broken them up into a few different categories – let us know where your family fits in!

First up, we have the supportive kids who want to know “did you win?”, and one supportive son whose IRONMUM reports asks “how did your run go mum?” after every event, training session and sometimes when she just leaves the house to get bread!

The hungry kids – yes you’ve just finished your big race but their role as cheer squad has left with them with hungry tummies, so you get greeted with a chorus of:

  • “Mummy, can we have an ice cream?”

  • “Can we go to McDonald’s on the way home?”

  • “What’s for lunch?”

  • “Now can we have fish and chips? Dad said we couldn’t have fish and chips ‘til you finished. Next time you need to go faster. We’re soooo hungry.”

The kids who want your medal – you might have done all the effort but kids love trophies and their eyes are on your prize. You might as well hand over your medal straight away, it will stop the whining and make for a cute photo too.

The kids with other priorities – children often have random thoughts and the finish line is no exception – our IRONMUMS shared with us what their children wanted to know at the finish line.

  • “I'm really tired. Next time mum can you go faster so I can get to bed earlier?” - Post Ironman 2015 after a 16.38 finish and a little visit to the medical tent.

  • “Let's go home, I'm bored sitting here waiting doing nothing. Can I wear your medal?”

  • “Where's Dad?” (he was through the finishing chute a couple of minutes later)

  • "Where's my jumper Mum? You better not have lost it!"

Finally, the kids who know how to pick their timing – one IRONMUM was greeted with her teenage daughter saying, “Geez, mum, you stink and are so sweaty!” Another IRONMUM reported that her clever kids have worked out that if they ask for something at the finish line, her answer is usually yes, so she was greeted with, “Can I have an ice cream?”

And then there’s the partners, with one IRONMUM reporting that she was greeted with, “Here take the baby she has a stinky bum”, another being requested to squat down to take a photo with her children after a rough Ironman race when squatting was near impossible. One husband provided some comedic relief - when our IRONMUM was heading out on lap 2 of 4 at IMOZ this year, her husband politely asked "what's for dinner?" as she ran past, much to the horror of those around him! She says that it was perfect as it made her laugh at a hard point in the race.

Please share with us in the comments the best comments you’ve received at the finish line!

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