The Night before

Well it has been a hectic week..

Monday we went to heroes of Hawaii, this was a free event. Which had tradition dancing, singing and food. Would recommend this to anyone with kids. This was awesome. Also got to meet and get a photo with mark Allen, Dave Scott and Julie moss.

Tuesday was rego. My eldest son and his girlfriend arrived. So this is exciting to have them here to watch the race. As he has grown up watching me race.

And the kids dip and dash. Which was scarey watching my 6 year old swim and run.. but she was rapt with the medal.. then we watched the Parade of nations..

Wednesday was the Aussie breakfast ( which Mark Allen spoke at) and then legacy afternoon event. Again we heard Mark Allen and David Scott speak. Hearing Julie Moss was the stand out. The passion and emotion in which she spoke was really inspiring. She is also racing again this year..

Thursday was undie run in the morning. I had entered myself and Molly (my son's girlfriend). Then the welcome dinner.. which Mark Allen spoke again. I also got to share this with Rosie who started this tri journey with me all those years ago!

Friday, rest, rest, rest, bike check in , eat and now ready for bed..

I am scared, excited and I can’t believe I am here ready to race in Kona… me..,. I am not fast, I am not super skinny, I am not super fit.. but I am determined, I am persistent and I am stubborn.. but I love ironman..

I love challenging myself, meeting new people..

I have some awesome people around me.

My start tomorrow is at 7.20am.

I will swim 3.8km….in the ocean watching the fish :-)

I will ride 180 km… in the hot windy lava fields. I will be thinking of The Green Latern, The Master, The Italian Stallion (missing in action this season) and The Maverick… also CVVCC were I have been road racing. They have been awesome.

I ran 42.2km. This will be in the hot lava fields and then in the dark….

sounds awesome doesn’t it!!

See you on the flip side.

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